Municipal Building NYT

Municipal Building NYT

As I had the opportunity to make my final presentation to the Jury, of the Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design Program at Columbia University in the City of New York back in 1976, I was surprised by Paul Goldberger of the New York Times that was invited by Alexander Copper ( the Program’s Director) to cover the event. He picked up my proposal to make a substantial part of the article “Students in City, Despite Slump, Work on what might Be” published that Sunday in the  Real Estate Section of the New York Times (May16, 1976).

Along with all my other colleges, we seriously undertook to design real city problems, carrying them through as if they were real projects, even though realizing that some of them had remained aside because of the current City fiscal crisis. We all hoped that our ideas could go out the room and did not end there as simple student exercises. They were feasible, economically evaluated and fully designed as precise proposals.


I was lucky being highlighted among the others, I knew I had a hot-spot issue with the subject of my thesis : - The  Municipal Building Parking Lots, so subsequently with my teachers full support I had the chance to present my project to the NY City Planning Commission later that month.